The Eco3 Partnership

Rising energy costs and ever-changing energy infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today.  Eco3 Partnership's raison d'etre is to achieve energy cost optimisation for all our clients, ensuring they have enough energy to run their business equipment and processes in an efficient and effective manner. 

We track the energy markets daily and provide our clients with regular updates so that they can benefit from the dips in the wholesale energy market whilst enjoying a quality service delivery in the process.

Our main focus currently is providing both strategic and tactical guidance in the development of a comprehensive range of services and software that help companies to measure, manage and control their economic, social and ecological resources more efficiently and effectively. These services range from consultancy to complete life cycle management as well as the implementation of industry-leading software.

Our Passion



So much is spoken about, and so much is written about sustainability, yet to most, it is largely misunderstood. A common mistake is to see it as just being green and to know just what your carbon footprint might be: remembering to recycle, save electricity and gas. While these are constituents, they, on their own are not sustainability.

Sustainability is to understand the interdependence of your environmental footprint, your social footprint, and how, the combined impact of the two, results in hidden waste and higher costs on your balance sheet. This increases the risk of economic shock as well as jeopardising your long-term viability - commonly referred to as the "Triple Bottom Line" of Economic, Social and Environmental.

With visibility given to the interdependent connections between your environmental footprint, in a material, financial and opportunistic way, you create stability and growth for your business. 

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