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Energy Assets
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Spotless Commercial Cleaning

Energy Assets is an independent network operator (IDNO) and one of Britain's leading independent metering , asset management and utility network construction companies. They design,install,maintain and monitor advanced metering systems, ranging from new installations and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to gas networks and complex downstream projects.


Spotless Commercial  Cleaning are a nationwide firm that provide professional  cleaning services for all types of  commercial buildings, factories,offices,shops, hotels, surgeries and schools. 

Founded in 1989, they remain family owned. 

Redwood Leisure
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HF Group

Redwood Leisure operate a number of Hotels and Restaurants in the Dundee area, including the Invercarse Hotel, Woodlands Hotel and Birkhill Inn. The Hotels are operated under the Best Western umbrella which guarantees a high standard of service and comfort.


The HF Group, established 1981 have significant expertise and provide services through their five divisions ranging from Electrical & Mechanical Services, Plumbing,Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Fire & Security Services, Communications Infrastructure, Network Connections & Telephone Masts and Control Services.

Scottish SPCA

The Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was founded in Edinburgh in 1839. The Charity operates all over Scotland and has twelve animal rescues centres that treat over 12,000 animals a year.


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Zot Engineering Limited

With over 40 years’ experience in PCB manufacturing Zot offer our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience. From prototyping to finished board manufacturing, and encompassing a spectrum of PCB requirements, they deliver world-class products from their UK facility.

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