Creating an Energy Efficient Environment and better Commercial EPC ratings    Energy Efficiency

Benefits of creating an energy efficient environment

  • Lower business operational costs

  • Cheaper and more controllable utility bills

  • Your EPC rating becomes a benchmark that can be improved on for the next 10 years

How to obtain a better Commercial EPC rating

  • Check your infrastructure 

Roof insulation should be at least 270mm in depth and costs relatively little to carry out compared to the energy savings generated.  Fast payback. Furthermore , buy sealing up gaps and holes in windows and doors you'll trap heat inside and save on your monthly heating bills.

  • Lighting upgrade

Consider converting all lighting to LED, relatively quick payback.

  • Utilise smart technology

Managing a large real estate portfolio can be a complex and tedious process, not to mention the work involved in submitting regular meter reading and keeping track of all the transactions across the different properties.

The installation of sub-metering and the use of Automatic Meter Readers can eliminate a great deal of the administrative burden not to mention the fact that it allows you to measure, manage, control your energy consumption in a more efficient and effective manner.

  • Audit your energy consumption

At eco3 Partnership, we believe it's important to regularly audit and monitor how much energy is being consumed each month. Our smart cloud-based energy and carbon management portal allows you to control your energy resources in an easy and more efficient manner.  Our management dashboard is designed to provide you with a clear and concise view of your electricity and gas consumption. (transportation energy ,water and waste can also be tracked and monitored on the portal).