Eco3 Partnership Energy & Carbon Management Portal

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Eco3 Smart Cloud reporting software allows you to measure, manage, control and monitor your energy and carbon effectively. We can help deliver clear insight into energy consumption across your business, driving increased efficiency and reduced cost by working as a true energy partner and providing you with a unique managed service.

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Eco3 Smart Cloud reporting software enables you to see your entire portfolio of assets in a single highly informative dashboard. Allowing you to track your gas, electricity, water, waste transportation and travel and many other metrics.  It facilitates year on year comparison on consumption, cost and greenhouse gas emissions

(GHG Scopes 1, 2 and 3). 

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Our portal, monitoring equipment and consultancy solutions give you all the information you need to see what is happening at each sub-meter, what anomalies are evident and which part of the business cost is attributable to. Allowing you to apportion and allocate cost to a specific department, manufacturing process, or the tenants you sub-let to.

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Portal functionality:

  • Portfolio performance, group benchmarking, trend analysis and data analytics.

  • Measure any metric, any combination, any output.

  • Reporting engine:annotations,scheduling,export.

  • Data quality module, automatic error detection, alerting.

  • Projects: feasibility,pay-back periods, project impact validation and tracking.

  • Management dashboard.

  • Allows you to record and track verifiable data for ESOS and SECR compliance reporting

  • Calculates  GHG emissions for your energy consumption for electricity, gas and transport