ESOS Compliance Data Collection Forms

AUDIT PROGRAMME  : Buildings, Processes and Transport 

A data collection survey is required to support ESOS compliance and audit for your organisation. As outlined in our initial proposal to your organisation, this information will be provided by the internal data collection team within your business. This information is required to support the ESOS compliance audit/assessment and for the following purposes:

  • Collect energy consumption data across buildings, processes and transport to keep in the ESOS evidence pack.

  • Identify areas of significant energy consumption and build up energy profiles of the energy consumption.

  • Collect energy data: energy bills, energy using asset lists for each building, day-to-day business activities and transport.

  • Collect data relating to building services and fabric detail (plans and photographs)

Forms must be filled in for each building to successfully complete the ESOS assessment in line with the purposes noted above.

ESOS Main Phases and Milestones

  • Phase 1

Assess the organisation’s Total Energy Use (Total Energy Calculation).

Identify 90% use sources for further evaluation.

  • Phase 2

Carry out desktop based energy profile of use (see Initial Desktop Proposal pdf).

Identify the "hot spots".

  • Phase 3

Carry out on-site energy audit of highest uses/hot spots.

Identify opportunities for reduction.

             o Technical.
             o Process.
             o Behavioural.

  • Analyse energy supply cost (tariff).

  • Calculate the ROI/payback and report it back to ESOS champion/team.

  • Record all information in Report and Evidence Pack. 


Eco3 Partnership will then verify and sign off as Lead Assessors when we are confident that the audits have been carried out to an an acceptable standard for ESOS.


The energy bills must cover the same 12 month consecutive period and include the qualification date of December 31st  2018.

When calculating your total energy consumption use “verifiable data” for the purpose of identifying areas of significant energy consumption.  (Verifiable data means data that can be evidenced or otherwise proven and, in the case of summary data, can be traced back to the primary data source).

Upon receipt of this information Eco3 Partnership may request additional data as required where more granularity of input is required with respect to particularly energy areas or usages.

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