Eco3 Partnership Code of Conduct

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Rising energy costs and ever-changing energy infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today.  With the progress being made with big data and digital initiatives we are moving towards a decentralised and decarbonised energy network.  Our raison d'etre is to achieve energy cost optimisation for all our clients, ensuring they have enough energy to run their business equipment and processes in an efficient and effective manner. 

We track the energy markets daily and provide our clients with regular updates so that they can benefit from the dips in the wholesale energy market whilst enjoying a quality service delivery in the process.

At eco3 Partnership, we recognise that integrating sound principles governing safety, business conduct, social, environmental and economic activities into our business practice is both good for our business and good for society.  Our main focus currently is providing both strategic and tactical guidance that helps companies to measure, manage and control their economic, social and ecological resources more efficiently and effectively.  

In a working environment that is changing almost daily as a result of digitalisation and disruptive technologies, we are committed to looking after the health and wellbeing of our employees, partners and our clients. 

Looking after Customers


We want to ensure that our customers have a positive and lasting impression of our business by going the extra mile to resolve many of the daily operational challenges they come across in running their business. To achieve this we are:


  • constantly monitoring and looking at ways to improve customer satisfaction and retention levels.

  • ensuring that employees, subcontractors and clients are aware of the correct Health & Safety guidelines that we follow.

  • our energy and carbon portal coupled with our managed service ensures we communicate clearly and regularly with our clients.

  • committed to doing all we can to help our customers, partners, suppliers (both upstream and downstream) work towards the Net -Zero greenhouse gases by 2050 agreed and adopted by the UK Government. Our key areas of focus lie in buildings, surface transport, industry, power and waste.

  • our strategy is to help our clients create and maintain a smart power infrastructure with connected assets through the creation of flexible micro and mini-grids, in which energy can be generated, distributed and consumed within the same area. 



Looking after Employees


The retention of loyal and productive staff, it is vital to maintaining a good working environment, high levels of customer services and the long term sustainability of our business. To foster this we:​

  • carry out regular staff training, appraisals and personal development.

  • hold regular staff meetings and brainstorming sessions to ensure clear communication and engagement with all our staff.

  • encourage empowerment within our business. 

  • ensure staff paid are fairly, correctly and on time

Suppliers’ and Partner Standards


We maintain a good working relationship with all our suppliers and partners and ensure they operate within and adhere to our terms of business outlined in our operating contracts :

  • we request that suppliers and partners provide evidence that they adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015

  • that they operate in line with the Bribery Act 2010

  • that we pay our suppliers properly and on time as outlined in our contractual terms.

  • we hold regular reviews with suppliers and partners to maintain clear lines of communication and focus on service delivery


Protecting the Environment


The very nature of our business is about helping our clients to reduce their energy consumption and their use of resources within their organisation. We have adopted EIGHT key Corporate Social Responsibility goals that underpin the 17 United Nations Sustainable development goals


  • SDG7     Affordable and Clean Energy  ​

  • SDG9     Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • SDG11   Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • SDG12   Responsible Consumption and Production

  • SDG13   Climate Action

  • SDG14   Life Below Water

  • SDG15   Life on Land

  • SDG17   Responsible Consumption and Production

We also encourage our staff and customers to consider and wherever possible to adopt the following practices:

  • monitor waste reduction, re-use and recycling.

  • measure water usage or implement water-saving measures.

  • encourage the use of greener transport by:

    • encourage staff to walk, cycle, car share or use public transport when possible.

    • encourage staff to use greener fuels in their personal vehicles if possible.

    • new company vehicles should be as energy-efficient as possible.


Community Engagement


We support local communities and charities and work closely with the SSPCA to save them money wherever possible and also actively support and attend their sustainability meetings.




Our eco3 smart energy and carbon reduction portal is designed to help both our clients and ourselves to help achieve the five key CSR goals outlined above and allows objectives to be regularly monitored, assessed and tracked to see if they are under or over their objectives.