Scope 1 Emissions

Scope 1 covers all direct GHG emissions that are directly emitted from the site of the process or service. They are CO2e  emissions that come from assets owned or controlled by the company.

For example, emissions from combustion in owned or controlled boilers, furnaces, vehicles, etc.

Emissions from a chemical production in owned or controlled process equipment.


  • emissions from boilers, furnaces, owned or leased vehicles (cars, LCVs, HGVs) process and fugitive emissions.


  • Greenhouse gas emissions not covered by the Kyoto Protocol (e.g. CFCs, NOx, etc.) shall not be included in Scope1 but may be reported separately. example: direct emissions from biomass are not included in Scope 1 but are reported separately.

They are divided into four areas

Stationary Combustion Emissions

Emission sources include the combustion of diesel, natural gas, and LPG for the purpose of facility heat or back-up electricity generation.

Combustion of fuels in stationary equipment such as boilers, furnaces, burners, turbines, heaters, incinerators, engines, flares, generators etc.

Mobile Emissions

All assets owned or leased that burn fuels produced by greenhouse gases fall into Scope 1.

Currently, most vehicles consume diesel and petrol, however, this landscape is changing and with the increasing use of full-electric vehicles (EVs) will mean that some of an organisations fleet will fall into Scope 2 emissions. 

Combustion of fuels in transportation devices such as automobiles, trucks, buses, trains, aeroplanes, boats, ships, barges, vessels.

Process Emissions

These are emissions released into the atmosphere during industrial processes.  Emissions from physical or chemical processes such as CO from the calcination step in cement manufacturing, PFC emissions from aluminium smelting, CO2 from catalytic cracking in petrochemical processing.

Fugitive Emissions

Fugitive emissions are leaks of greenhouse gases from

air-conditioning and refrigeration. Intentional and unintentional releases, such as leaks from joints, seals, packing, gaskets, as well as fugitive emissions from coal piles, wastewater treatment, pits, refrigerants, cooling towers, gas processing facilities, etc.

SECR GHG Scope 1 Stationary combustion emissions
SECR GHG Scope 1 mobile emissions
SECR GHG Scope 1 process emissions
SECR GHG Scope 1 fugitive emissions