Scope 2 Emissions

Scope 2 emissions are the GHG released into the atmosphere from the consumption of purchased energy (electricity, heat or steam generated off-site but purchased by the business). These emissions occur as a result of the organisation's day-to-day activities, even although the business does not own them. These are indirect emissions and must be included in SECR.

Scope 2 emissions can come from purchased electricity and district cooling and the data can be collected from utility invoices.

For most organisations, electricity taken from the grid will be one of their main sources of Scope 2 emissions. However, on-site generation is becoming increasingly popular and more and more organisations are installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants. The type of electricity generation will determine how this GHG will be reported, data can be calculated from location-based or market-based.

Care must be taken when dealing with district heating and combined heat and power plants that sell or purchase heat and steam to neighbouring organisations.

SECR GHG Scope 2 emissions