Smart Export Guarantee

In June 2019 the UK Government launched an incentive to boost small scale renewables to encourage homes and businesses to generate their own clean power from renewables installations and export it to the grid.  In return for this participants will be guaranteed a payment from energy suppliers.

Smart Export Guarantee - eco3 Partnership

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is the Government's replacement for the Feed-in-Tariff (FITs) and was launched on the 10th June 2019 and is designed to encourage a localised generation of energy as well as form part of the greater decentralisation of the existing energy infrastructure network and to help the UK move towards a net-zero emissions economy and subsidy-free energy system.

SEG will ensure that small scale electricity generators are compensated by the market for the value of their exported electricity. The scheme will enable anaerobic digestion, hydro, micro-combined heat and power (with an electrical capacity of 50kW or less), onshore wind, and solar photovoltaic exporters with up to 5MW capacity to receive payment for exported electricity.