Sustainable Viability

What is Sustainability?

So much is spoken about, and so much is written about sustainability, yet to most, it is largely misunderstood. A common mistake is to see it as just being green and to know just what your carbon footprint might be: remembering to recycle, save electricity and gas. While these are constituents, they, on their own are not sustainability.

Sustainability is to understand the interdependence of your environmental footprint, your social footprint, and how, the combined impact of the two create largely hidden waste and so cost on your balance sheet, and risk to economic shock as well as your long-term viability - commonly referred to as the "Triple Bottom Line" of Economic, Social and Environmental.

With visibility given to the interdependent  connections between your environmental footprint, in a material, financial and opportunistic way, you create stability and growth for your business. 

Why Sustainability matters?


In a world where the extended supply chains of companies , small as well as large, stretch across the globe the provenance of products and services is often questionable: a chain on efficacy is often given lip service.

Your journey to understanding how easy and resource efficient robust sustainability actually is will deliver you outstanding competitive advantage.

With carbon footprints measured correctly, analysed with meaning, across your products, services, processes,buildings and transport-indeed your entire value chain, you will become more effficient and effective.

This will translate to creating more value for your customers as you learn to see them though the eyes of their customers because you will simply and easily see the connections. Customers will become allies in the creation of new revenue streams, and you will learn to see that sharing value becomes a powerful tool to enter new markets. Indeed, you will see and understand new ways of marketing and selling products and services, where it is the service that hold greatest value, while you retain ownership of the product.   

Understanding Sustainability

How much do you really understand Sustainability, low-carbon, and the shift towards a green and circular economy?


As Sustainability reporting is becoming more sophisticated and the skills and experience needed to capture, create and deliver more value becomes increasingly valuable, as integrated reports become the vehicle for provenance and growth. This movement will expand the services of ambitious firms, as assurance and translation of non-financial disclosures become the game changer for businesses.


In joining Eco3, using the principles and tools for Sustainable Viability, we show you :


  • How to expose your full extent of risk.


  • How to uncover largely hidden risk and cost impacts.


  • How to measure and analyze with purpose.


  • How to understand with materiality and context to capture, create and deliver more value.


  • How to leverage in line with your primary objectives.


  • How to integrate the metrics of your new knowledge across management and financial systems.


  • How to create authentic reports and communications.


  • How to serve customers better.

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When you work with Eco3, we walk with you on your journey, we share with you the easy to follow tools to achieve all the above. Together, we enlighten you on how to Leverage Sustainability for Economic Profit and help reduce your organisation's carbon footprint in the process.


Furthermore, you join an unashamedly elitist community of like-minded ambitious businesses with a common goal, to be better, cleaner and stronger, to be Sustainably Viable for a Sustainable World.

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Eco3 Smart Cloud Reporting software will allow your organisation to measure your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all activities across the company, including energy used in buildings, logistics and company owned vehicles. It can also measure indirect emissions from activities outside an organisation's own operations - the value chain

Sustainable Development Goals

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Energy cost optimisation solutions that deliver results