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Energy cost optimisation

Eco3 Partnership Energy & Carbon Management Portal

Eco3 Smart Cloud reporting software allows you to measure, manage and control your organisation’s economic, social and resources more efficiently and effectively. It has been created and designed to help deliver a clear insight into energy consumption across your business, which in turn can help to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs in your organisation’s operational costs. 

The energy and carbon reporting software provide a view of your entire portfolio of assets in a single highly informative dashboard.  Helping you to track your gas, electricity, water, waste, transportation and travel and many other metrics. Track any metric, for any building type, from any source. As well as saving costs, it helps reduce carbon emissions and improve health and wellbeing. Further benefits can be gained through sharing the results and engaging stakeholders which can encourage positive behavioural changes towards energy efficiency initiatives.


The portal has an integrated measurement and verification capability that allows users to automatically validate the impact of a range of savings measures on an asset’s performance. Examples of this include, a new lighting system, voltage optimisation or recommissioning of an HVAC unit.


The core concept of the portal was to provide a platform that will help leverage the collective intelligence of all participants and assets to develop industry-leading performance standards, as well as providing clear insights into potential savings opportunities to users.


Advanced, automatic asset benchmarking. All sites with floorspace provided will be benchmarked against similar site types within the user’s portfolio and against the global database. Benchmarking works for electricity, gas, water and waste. Users can select different reference systems for their benchmark. This includes CIBSE TM46 as well as other industry-specific groups.


The portal also integrates with more than fifty data sources and formats ranging from submeters and metering gateways to building management systems (BMS) and specialised sensors for aspects such as air quality monitoring. We also have integrated with the major data collectors (DCs) in the UK for capturing half-hourly data directly from buildings. The platform supports data source integration and transfers via APIs, FTP, a CSV bulk upload tool, https and even emails.


Eco3 Smart Cloud Reporting helps capture and summarise energy and carbon emissions figures for SECR reporting, providing you with a year on year comparison on consumption, cost and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG Scopes 1,2 and 3).